The Nineteenth Century Club & The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association - Learning and Giving: Our Focus

Nineteenth Century Charitable Association

"Why stay we on earth, unless to grow?" --Robert Browning

Now is the time to join as a member of the Nineteenth Century Club and friend of the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association.  The Club is our membership organization that presents programs and does fundraising.  The Charitable Association distributes those funds via grants.

Learning and Giving is our motto - but we also have fun.  Our members include men and women from a wide range of backgrounds and from a number of communities in the metro-Chicago area.

Our plans for the year include many events that will give you the opportunity to learn, meet new friends and provide support to a number of charitable organizations in the community.

While we enjoy learning and socializing, everything we do includes a charitable element.  All activities and events benefit one or more of our major funds:

  • Benevolence: provides grants to local organizations (13 in 2011), based on their applications and, if appropriate, prior use of NCCA grants;

  • Scholarship: provides grants to graduates of Oak Park River Forest High school and are renewable for four years; these grants are based on each student's applications, faculty recommendations and NCCA interviews.

  • Building: provides funding for maintaining and enhancing the Landmark Nineteenth Century Building.

  • Operations: addresses the day-to-day needs of the organization and the building, but surplus funds are directed to the other funds.

We sponsor major fundraising events that contribute to our charitable endeavors.  Other events include activities for children and program that are open to the public.  We also partner with other organizations for joint events.

Member benefits include:

  • Members' Directory
  • Weekly Afternoon Programs
  • Monthly Evening Programs
  • Member-only activities
  • Discount for space rentals
  • Volunteer opportunities


Through our organization, you have the ability to broaden the scope of your charitable giving and volunteer activities because our support goes to so many others.

You can join by completing the membership form and mailing it with your check to the office or stopping in the office to pay with cash or with your Visa or MasterCard.

Be part of an organization that is celebrating its 121st year of learning and giving.

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