The Nineteenth Century Club & The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association - Learning and Giving: Our Focus

Board of Directors

Carol Conboy, President

Judy Eckberg, VP, Operations

Amy Brinkman, VP, Programs

Susan Kelty, VP, Finance

Kathy Moran, VP, Membersip

Jerry Hills, VP, Marketing

Barbara Westerman, Recording Secretary

Marianne Stefanski, Treasurer

Fowzi Kelty, Coresponding Secretary

Kathleen Foley, Benevolence Director

Agnes Cecala, Scolarship Director

Robin Wienke, House, Bulding & Grounds

The Nineteeth Century Boards of Directors embody a wealth of knowledge, service to the community, and a desire to invest their time and talents.  Their varied backgrounds, business specialities and interests bring a well rounded view to the management of the organization.

Carol Conboy, President, has been a member for five years.  Carol holds a BS in Education from Northern Illinois University and an Associate Degree in Horticulture.  She was honored as Woman of the Year; and Guardian Angel Award, Amate House.  "I enjoy working with others for the educational, charitable and social aspects of the organization.  NCCA offers all of these and more.  I find that when one gives, one always receives so much more in return."  Carol enjoys tennis, golf, gardening, reading, and family time.


Judy Eckberg, Vice President Operations, received a B.A. in Social Science from Northern Illinois University, and spent her working career with Aurther Andersen.  Judy's interests have included world travel and singing with local choruses.  A nine year member, Judy "believes in the mission of our organization."


Amy Brinkman, Vice President of Programs, with a back ground that includes marketing and quality systems training at Northwestern University, University of Madison and University of Chicago, she brings her experience in graphic arts and printing, marketing and project management.  A former manager of the Nineteenth Century, Amy's hobies include gardening and introducing children to nature through the University of Illinois Extension programs.  "I love that we offer financial and space assistance to organizations that need it.  I enjoy our programming, meeting our presenters, and learning.


Nancy Waichler, Vice President Finance, enjoys the dynamic, innovative Nineteenth Century organization and as a 20-year member, seeks to make a difference in the community through service.  Nancy has a BA in psychology from Chatman University where she received the Distinguished Alumnae Award and serves as trustee.  In her working career she was an Associate of the Family Business Consulting Group, the retired Vice Chair of Follett Corporation, and Past Executive Director of Parenthesis.  She served on the boards of both corporate and not-for-profit organizations including a term as president of the OPRF High School board.  Nancy, a recipient of the Athena Award, was recently honored with the Ulyssean Award from Senior Citizens Center of Oak Park River Forest.  She enjoys travel, the arts and time with family and friends.


Helene Slowik, Vice President Membership, shares her experience as a human resourses manager specializing in process improvement and the effective application of technology.  Helene earned her BA from Northwestern and MB from University of Chicago.  She "wanted to use my professional expertise to give back to the community.  Not only does this organization provide scholarships and grants, it also provides challenges, educational programs and fun events - as well as a whole new group of friends."  Amember for 3 years, Helene enjoys Northwestern footbal tailgating, the Blackhawks, reading and church ministries.

Jerry Hills, Vice President Marketing, studied business and retired from a career in marketing services and communications, with a focus on industry trade shows.  A five-year member, she "wanted to keep using my business skillseffectively, plus the Nineteenth Century offers such a wide variety of charitable and social activities.  I've met an amazing group of talented peopleI'd never have known otherwise."  Jerry is co-manager of the Proviso Food Pantry in Melrose Park, and enjoys singing in local choruses, cooking, reading, travel and bowling.


Barbara Westerman, Reading Secretary, holds a BA in History and MLS (Library Science) from the University of Michigan.  Barbara has worked as a librarian at the University of Michigan Undergraduate Library, St Luke School Library, and in the role of marketing support for the Carbit Paint Company.  An avid quilter and gardener, she enjoys reading, travel and her grandchildren.  Barbara serves to "help fulfill, enjoy and benefit from the mission and focus of the Nineteenth - learning and giving."  Barbara is an eight year member.


Robin Wienke, Treasurer, has been a member for four years.  He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and in his professional career, directed the unit responsible for development, installation and support of computer software systems unsed in the manufacturing sites of a golbal diversified health care company.  "I support the Association in its 122 year mission to serve the community."  Robin enjoys ten grandchildren and anything that flies or floats that can be controled by radio control.

Fowzi Kelty, Benevolence Chair, a two year member.  She received a business degree from Sir Sandford Flemming College, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  In her professional life, she assisted with the startup of three Hong Kong businesses, owns a gift gallery in Hong Kong, and operates her home-based gift store in Oak Park.  Mahjong, Qigong, treveling, reading,crochet, knitting and jewelry making are amoung her many interests.  "I serve because of the organization's community involvement and the opportunity to volunteer."


Agnes Cecala, Director, spent her career as an instructor at Triton College where she authored several textbooks, mentored many students, and served as a program developer and coordinator.  She enjoyed the diversity offered in the college setting where students of all ages and walks of life were part of her classroom experience.  A two year member, Agnes enjoys gardening, reading, and assisting the elderly.  She finds the Nineteenth "a way to reach out to others in a positive way."


Sherlynn Reid, past President, Vice President/Director of the Nineteenth Century Chairable Association.  "Serving others has always been part of my life.  I love my community and society and have always believed we can make our world a better  through actively standing up for what we believe, and working together."  Sherlynn is a graduate of Fisk University and served as the Director of Community Relations and other positions for the Village of Oak Park for 27 years.  She has received the William Stazak Community Service Award, the AAUW Woman of the year Award, the Jack and Jill Cultural Ties Award, the League of Women Voters Woman of the Year, the Ulyssean Award, Hazel Hanson Award and others.  She has served as President of the League of Women Voters, moderator of First United Church, member of the Police and Fire Commission and on the boards of THRIVE, the Senior Citizens Center and C.A.S.T.


Georga Parchman, Director, is the Chair of the Legal/Negotiations Committee and a thirteen year member.  "This organization offers a chance to be part of a caring and intelligent community of like-minded individuals.  We work hard to serve others but also have fun together."  Georga received her BA at Macalester College, MA at the University of Vermont, and PhD at Ohio State University.  She taught language/theatre arts at all levels from high school and college to K-5th grade.  Board service includes Acorn Family Entertainment (founder/President), Oak Park Area Arts Council, Illinois State Theatre Association, American Theatre Association, Center East performing Arts Showcase, Richard Burton Theatre Advisory Board, and others.  She enjoys her family, reading, walking daily with her walking group, and tutoring in writing and literacy skills.

Judy Sora, Corresponding Secretary, holds a Master's degree in Chemistry and was a research chemist during her career.  A four-year member, Judy "enjoys contributing to carrying on the tradition of the Nineteenth Century with a creative and dedicated team."  In her leisure time, Judy enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, and the study of history.

Jerry Slowik, heads the House, Building and Grounds Committee.  Jerry is a CPA, with a BSC Accounting and Masters Taxation degrees from DePaul University.  "the Nineteenth Century gives back to the community, and I continue to serve because I have met so many outstanding people to keep this fascinating organization alive and vibrant."  Jerry enjoys sports, mostly watching - and collecting fountain pens.


Kathy Moran, Director of the Charitable Board, studied accounting and human resourses in her professional life.  She is President of Senior Citizens Club of Forest Park, and is a volunteer tutor for Western Cook County Literacy Volunteers.  In 2012 Kathy was recognized in Sixty over Sixty Celebrating Seniors.  Kathy is the Needle Arts Friends Chair.  " Membership in the charitable association fulfills my need to volunteer because many people and organizations are touched by the work we do."  Kathy has been a member for five years.