The Nineteenth Century Club & The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association - Learning and Giving: Our Focus

About The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association (NCCA) The Nineteenth Century Club

Are you looking for . . .

  • cultural and intellectual enrichment nearby?
  • flexible opportunities for community service?

Do you want to . . .

  • participate in stimulating intellectual discussions?
  • meet a group in your community that shares these values?

The public is invited to programs, luncheons and fundraisers at the Nineteenth Century. Each Monday, October through April, you will find friends gathered to participate in stimulating presentations in the arts, literature, music or social studies. All programs provide a wide variety of high quality cultural and intellectual enrichment at reasonable prices that are open to all (visit Upcoming Events for details).

Most programs are preceded by a delicious lunch and followed by a tea. The tea provides a wonderful avenue to continue discussions and interact with a variety of people (including the presenter). It is also an opportunity to find out how you can help support the many service efforts of the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association in its charitable activities that benefit the local and regional community.

Our dynamic programs which promote life-long learning through multi-cultural programs featuring literature, art, music and social sciences. The association makes this happen through numerous fundraisers and grants. This makes it possible to offer our programs to ALL for a suggested donation with fee waivers available.

Go to membership for information about joining our historic organization and becoming a member.

The Nineteenth Century facilities support and enable our educational and charitable endeavors. Our historic building has served the community in a variety of ways through world wars, the Depression, recessions; each challenge for community service was met by members and voluneeers, who adapted to and met the current needs in the local and regional community.

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The women who founded the Nineteenth Century Club in 1891 were trailblazers who sought to open the world to women through education and activism. At a time when women were not supposed to be seen in restaurants or traveling without men, these women boldly and openly met to study, discuss and act on the issues of the day. Today membership is open to ALL women and men who support our charitable purpose.

Amazing speakers and performers have appeared at the Nineteenth Century throughout the years. A sampling of guest speakers includes such luminaries as:

Jane Addams
Mortimer Adler
Saul Alinksky
Cleveland Amory
Lee Brooke
Gwendolyn Brooks
John Calloway
John Drummond
Chicago Shakespeare
Amelia Earhart
Robert Frost
Indira Ghandi
Sydney J. Harris
Grace Hall Hemingway
Ella Jenkins
Jesse White Tumblers
Dr. Percy Julian
Rick Kogan & Charles Osgood
Greg Kot
Alex Kotlowitz
Bill Kurtis
Jay Levine
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Ogden Nash
Alfred Noyes
Ruth Page
Marlin Perkins
Norman Ross
Bertrand Russell
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Carl Sandburg
Shaw Chicago
Shozo Sato (Kabuki Macbeth)
Sybil Shearer (and troupe)
Bobby Short
Dr. Han Suyin
James R. Thompson (son of member Agnes Thompson)
Trinity Irish Dancers
Grace Wilbur Trout
Harry Volkman
Walter Sargent
Baroness Von Suttner
Anna Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright (son of founder, Anna Lloyd Wright)
Elizabeth Catherine Wright (granddaughter of Anna and Frank Lloyd Wright)