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Date: March 11, 2013 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm

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Social Time - 11:30 am  |  Lunch - 12:00 noon  |  Program - 1:15 pm  (Tea follows)

  • Lunch - $17.00 (Reservations required)
  • $10.00 Suggested donation for non-members
  • Programs are open to all; donations help cover costs.


March 11 - Music

Bach and Beyond:  Violin Music performed by Scott Daniel

A high school senior and prominent local violinist, Scott is a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra and is the 2011 Illinois Junior State Fair Fiddle Champion.  He will present a program that displays his wide range of musical genres, featuring not only classical violin pieces, but also exciting selections from the broad range of musical styles that he has mastered, including bluegrass, folk, rock, jazz and klezmer.


March 18 - Art (Emeritus, Life Member and 90+ Day)

Lost but not found: The Story of the Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles- Catherine Zurybida, professor of art history at DePaul University will explore the history of the Elgin Marbles which were taken by the British from the Parthenon between 1801 and 1812. Who do they belong to today? Consider when cultural property should be returned to an original owner and what factors determine the outcome.

March 25 - 10:00A.M. - ELECTION AND OPEN FORUM

Remember to make lunch reservations if you plan to stay for lunch.

Science: Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo: The Prairie Back Into the City - Brian Houck, Director of Horticulture, LPZ

The Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo celebrates its third anniversary this year. The urban oasis represents the transformation from a manmade pond that had run its course to a fully functioning - and stunningly beautiful - ecosystem. More than 100 newly planted trees, submergent, emergent and prairie vegetation stretch across this 14-acre area providing shade, food and ideal nesting places for native and migratory birds, including the black-crowned night heron, which is endangered in Illinois. The vegetation provides a wildlife habitat and restful areas of reflection for Chicago residents. See and hear how it all came about.

April 1 - Social Science

From Anansi to Brer Rabbit-Trickster Tales from Africa and the Americas

Shanta Nurullah- In traditional African societies, the storyteller was often the historian as well as the culture-bearer. West Africa's most vivid, intriguing, and enduring character is the trickster, Anansi. Follow the travels of Anansi from Africa to the west, where Anansi's antics and themes are found in Brer Rabbit tales, often told on southern plantations. These stories of small spiders and crafty rabbits served to entertain and empower those who were using all of their spiritual and mental resources to survive their oppressive conditions. Performing as a musician, storyteller, and actor since 1972, Shanta Nurullah invites audiences to listen, laugh, and ponder the role of the trickster in folkloric traditions.


April 8 - Art

The 210 Year Journey of a Lost Princess

Roberta L. Raymond, researcher and interviewer, and Belinda Bremner, actress portraying the famous French artist, Elizabeth-Louise Vigee le Brun, interact in this imaginary conversation that spans the years and tells the extraordinary journey of a long lost painting of a Russian princess recently found in the Chicago area. Pictures by le Brun, shown in a power point presentation, will add to the richness of this program.


April 15 - Science

Response to Hurricanes Rita and Katrina-Incident Command Perspective

In the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Jim Brinkman served as EPA's Region 6 environmental unit leader. Samples of water, soil, sediment and air were collected, analyzed and evaluated. Among numerous other tasks, his team investigated demolished buildings containing lead and asbestos, air quality in the FEMA trailers, oil spills and oil products in the floodwater and sediment. Potential impacts and recommended responses were reported to all levels of government. Jim will provide an insider's view of the extent of public health and environmental impacts in the devastating aftermath of these hurricanes.



Remember to make lunch reservations if you plan to stay for lunch.

Music: Opera by Request

Monty and Phyllis Adams have performed together for over 25 years. They will present some of their wonderful opera transcriptions for flute and harp. Sherrill Milnes, the world-renowned Metropolitan Opera baritone, described their music as, "Beautiful flute & harp transcriptions that are exciting and refreshing as well as maintaining the true integrity of the original arias." Don't miss this!


Note: This is not a regular program; special fees apply.

Program 10:00 a.m. Lunch to follow - No tea.

Robert K. Massie's fabulous biography Catherine the Great, Portrait of a Woman is brought to life through Barbara Rinella. Interesting that many men in history have been surnamed "the Great," but only one woman--Catherine the Great of Russia! Ms. Rinella will dramatize how a bewildered little German girl, ignored because her mother wanted a son, evolves into the most powerful Empress in Russian history. How does she deal with her painful marriage to dull and disappointing Peter, the necessity to produce an heir and the demands and expectations of the Russian court? How will Catherine embrace the ideals of the European Enlightenment and the talents of some very significant men to move Russia to power and glory? Don't miss this educational and entertaining program, and support our Scholarship Trust at the same time.